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Dropped Object Prevention Specialists

DROPS and Working At Height

  • Dropped Object Prevention Programmes (Both Level 1 and Level 2)
  • Dropped Object Inspection Services (with Rope Access)
  • Repair of findings after DROPS inspections. Specialists
  • Dropped Object Prevention Experts and Technicians
  • Working At Height (WAH) specialists and programs
  • Programs to prevent incidents where persons are falling from height
  • Personal use of protection equipment in height


  • HSSEQ Specialists and Manager
  • Project planners and managers
  • Construction Safety and Supervisors
  • Construction Managers / Installation Managers
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness Personnel
  • RIG intake and Rig SPE personnel
  • Environmental Specialists
  • Process Safety Specialists
  • Human Factors Specialists
  • Organizational Psychologists
  • Leadership Development Specialists
  • Safety Leadership Specialists
  • Behavioral Safety Programs and Specialists
  • Behavioral Improvement Advisors, Mentors and Programs
  • Dropped Object Prevention Programs and Experts
  • Drilling Supervisors
  • Drilling Engineers
  • Logistics Managers and Coordinators
  • All personnel to Drilling operations
  • Coaches for all operations
  • LEAN specialists

Working in harsh environment

  • Cold Climate Services
  • Cold Climate Specialists
  • Cold Climate Programs


  • Observation and Awareness programs for leaders and front line personnel
  • Training of personnel (Seminars, specified training, hands on training)
  • Emergency Response and Preparedness Training
  • Cold Climate Training and Seminars
  • Safety Leadership Training
  • Safety Leadership Seminars
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Behavioural Safety Training and Seminars
  • Dropped Object Observation Tehnicque Training (Theoretical and Practical)
  • Working at Height seminars and training
    • Use of safety equipment when working at height
    • How to behave when working at height
    • Do i know how to use all the equipment provided to me?
    • Where should i attach my lanyard so it actually do save my life if i fall?
Life Saving Rules Training

Investigation of incidents

  • Investigation leaders
  • Investigation Technical specialists
  • Investigation of Incident advisors

Development and implementation of Technological solutions
Main focus on Safety, Environment and Efficiency

  • Automatic Access and Personnel control systems (including positioning/ tracking)
  • Systems for prevention of social dumping and Illicit work (under the table work)
  • Man-Machine anti collision
  • Personnel safety systems
  • Equipment control and preventive maintenance systems
  • Environmental and Pollution control systems

The company do constantly work with development of new technical solutions that actually work and is not just a new “nice to have” system.
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Dropped Object Prevention Barricading Installation and Training